Our Ministry

Exalting Christ Music exists to glorify God through worship expressed in song. We believe holy scripture prescribes that His people come together for the purpose of exalting His name through the corporate singing of diverse songs, not being limited by style or genre (Psalm 34:3, Colossians 3:16, Ephesians 5:19). Scripture also calls for the use of instruments, instrumentalists, and song leaders in our corporate worship gatherings (Psalm 150, 1 Chronicles 15:16, 27, Psalm 33:3). So, it is our goal as songwriters, singers, and musicians to fulfill these callings by producing songs founded in the truth of God's word and musically conducive to a Christ-honoring atmosphere in the worship gatherings of God's people.

As worshipers leading others, we desire that our thoughts and affections be fully engaged towards Christ as the Holy Spirit works through God's truth in our minds and hearts. God's glory is most clearly seen in His plan to redeem a people for His own possession through the sacrifice of His Son in order to pay the infinite debt we incurred because of our sin. Therefore, we desire that our songs and worship times point primarily to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His great love displayed to sinners at the cross provides both the motivation and way for His people to join together in song to express the worthiness of God. Such worship results in personally beholding, enjoying, and exalting Jesus Christ, so that He would receive all glory.


Download Music

Our music is made available through Nimbit Music. All proceeds go toward the Exalting Christ Music ministry. Thank you for your support!

You may also freely download both the chord and lead sheets from our Song Sheets page. It is our prayer that these songs be used for the worship of Christ and the edification of the church.

We would also love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to reach us from our Contact page.